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AWAKE Workshops

Service Description

AWAKE – Proactive resilience Workshops This is a workshop that equips people with skills and understanding that are essential in todays climate of stress, overwhelm and exposure to addiction by design. The AWAKE Workshop has varied application in schools, workplaces and community groups. After years of running workshops at ACTCOSS (ACT Council for social Services) The Hope Project aims to work collaboratively with existing services and organisations to train groups, especially those in caring professions. WHAT IS AWAKE? AWAKE is a combination of new and existing research and has a powerful impact on audiences and is easy to comprehend and make sustainable shifts. The interactive resource is designed to create connection and cut through. The program can be easily adapted and tailored to audiences of any age and cater for any corporate needs. AWAKE is a framework of skills and knowledge to help put into perspective the pain and struggles we face as human beings. Being AWAKE helps you let go of the façade of perfection, unlocks the freedom of being ok with being human and creates a path to see clearer how we might uniquely contribute to humanity. Your pain tells a story and it is not to be viewed as a negative or used as a barrier to true connection to self and others. Why is this important? The conversation that exists at the moment is completely inadequate to both help or prevent people from experiencing severe personal outcomes. We all know someone in our life who has struggles with addiction and mental health, yet we have really failed to see as a modern society what is going wrong in the first place that is leading to these outcomes. People are in no way shape or form intending these painful outcomes to be their reality yet never the less it happens daily. Suicide, crime, violence addiction, depression and mental health. People driven by pain to reach devastating outcomes. IS AWAKE FOR YOU OR YOUR ORGANISATION? Many people find themselves in circumstances that they don’t understand. Life can have impacts on us that we are not equipped to handle. This is no one’s fault, it is just learning that has been missed. This program empowers people to look at their life and the lives of others with fresh eyes and new understanding. When a person is AWAKE they are connected and intentional. To make achievable sustainable shoffer, and the benefits they will receive. A great description gets readers in the mood, and makes them more likely to go ahead and book.

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