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Recovery Coaching

If you have tried a number of times to seek help and it hasn't worked or perhaps you have a loved one that is struggling and you just don't know how to help, you have found the right coach.


So much of what is available re help seeking for addictions or struggles, really misses the mark in our modern world. It is either shame fueled or is too focused on the 'business' of selling recovery or wellness.  I know it, because I swirled around in that toxic environment for over a decade, before almost taking my life. 


I not only bring lived experience to the table, but nearly a decade of experience of working with others in the grip of struggles to learning how to thrive in their life and build a constructive relationship to adversity.    


This is recovery coaching done differently, I have helped people locally across Australia and overseas, any addiction, any struggle, it doesn't matter, we are ALL human. The commitment I make to the people that I work with is, I know first hand this path is not easy, but I can assure you that this is a safe, judgement free environment and learning how to show up for you is so worth it. 


Please reach out via or using the quote form below and book a free 10 min connection call to see if I am the right coach for you.  


Kate has been a Recovery Coach and Peer Mentor for 8 years, helping both individuals and families navigate a path way to wellbeing. 

if you would like to book a session with Kate $90 per /hr.

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"Thank you so much Kate, you will never know how much you have helped me. you are such a beautiful person and I couldn't have stopped gambling or done any of this without your compassion and support." Michelle  

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AWAKE Workshop

AWAKE is a combination of new and existing research and has a powerful impact on audiences and is easy to comprehend and make sustainable shifts. The interactive resource is designed to create connection and cut through. The program can be easily adapted and tailored to audiences of any age and cater for any corporate needs.

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Book Kate to speak

Kate has been a Keynote speaker for a number of years, she is bold and passionate about creating positive change in the world. 

Kate speaks on a variety of topics: 

  • Gambling reform in our captured nation

  • The Impact of Shame and the liberation from it

  • Proactive resilience

  • Healing families after addiction

  • Motherhood and adversity

  • How to create a constructive relationship to adversity

  • Personal Growth

  • Our broken systems of addiction by design

  • Advocacy -so no one gets left behind 

  • Creating a safe space for pain

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